Fire Suppression Systems and Services

Protecting Your People, Property & Equipment

Midwest Fire & Safety, a division of Tessiers, can provide fire suppression systems for commercial and industrial facilities. Fire suppression systems are designed to save lives, limit property damage and down time due to a fire. Not only is it great for your peace of mind to have a suppression system installed, for many applications it is also required by law. Midwest Fire & Safety can help you by providing the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of fire suppression systems.

Amerex Fire Suppression Systems

We are certified in the design, installation, maintenance, and recharge of Amerex Fire Suppression Systems. Amerex manufactures quality and innovative fire protection products that keep your people and property safe.

Design & Installation

At Midwest Fire & Safety, we will design a fire suppression system that will reduce insurance expenses, meet fire codes and local regulations, and give you peace of mind that you have the protection you need from a fire. After the system is designed, we will provide installation of your system with minimal disruption to your business or operation.

Inspections, Maintenance & Service

Fire suppression systems need regular inspections and maintenance to function properly and meet local codes. The team at Midwest Fire & Safety will keep your systems in proper condition by providing inspections and testing of your suppression systems as often as needed. If something goes wrong with your equipment, our team can repair your system and get it operational again. We service hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing plants, auto shops, and other business operations in South Dakota and the surrounding areas.

Systems we Install & Service:

Contact Us for Fire Suppression

Need a fire suppression system? Midwest Fire & Safety will help you with the design, installation, inspection, and service of suppression systems. We can also install and service fire extinguishers and first aid supplies. To learn more about our fire safety equipment, contact us today!