The Tessiers Difference

Our People, Purpose and Passion Set Us Apart

Tessiers is proud to be a leader in our industry and have thrived for decades because of the foundation we have built upon. Our company has grown and expanded because of our PEOPLE, our PURPOSE and our PASSION. This is the “Tessiers Difference.”

After over a century in the business, we remain on the forefront of technological innovation, and we are fortunate to be able to share our mechanical systems knowledge with you. We continue to grow our sustainable building resources, and invest in energy-efficient practices.

Our People Matter

We believe our people give us a competitive advantage in the industry through their excellent customer service and dedication to each and every job. We invest in our people and strive to Build Great Leaders both professionally and personally. Along with APi Group, Inc. we believe in developing each team member to reach their full potential on the job and at home. Our investment in our people and our community helps us in turn build our relationships with our customers; an invested team member will invest in you! Our skilled team members provide value engineering such as scheduling, budgeting, procurement strategy, drawings review, alternative HVAC design and cost-effective fabrication/installation methods to your project. Our goal is to construct a solid foundation and identify problems in the field before they become a reality.

Together, our PEOPLE, safety policies and integrity form the groundwork that Tessiers builds upon.

Our Experience

We have been in business for more than 100 years which cements our reputation as an industry leader and a recognized expert in our field. We are fortunate to be able to SHARE our knowledge and expertise with our valued partners. Our experience allows us to provide service and maintenance, building system life cycle analysis, pre-construction services, project management, fabrication and field installation.

We not only employ the best but some of our best are also trade instructors. They know what is serviceable and constructable. Let our experience show you how.

Cutting Edge

We embrace technology in all that we do. From design, estimation, fabrication, installation and maintenance, we utilize the latest technology. For example, we can utilize BIM throughout our project delivery that will identify problems/conflicts in the field before it becomes a reality. Using Trimble MEP in association with our in-house CAD/BIM capability streamlines field installation and can help meet the most demanding schedules. Utilizing technology also helps our service technicians identify potential mechanical system issues before they occur.

You will find our professional approach combined with our innovative use of the newest technology and work philosophies create a unique business relationship: The Tessiers Difference. We are focused on your success and provide the best overall value to you and your project.

Using BIM as a technology platform, it will allow us to optimize our efficiency both in the shop as well as in the field. This will result in our ability to bring our “product” with a “faster speed to market” and with PREDICTABILITY. Price is important but PREDICTABILITY is equally or more important.

Safety Culture

Safety is in the forefront of everything we do.

We have one of the lowest EMR of any mechanical contractor in the industry. A safety conscious contractor minimizes your financial risks associated with work stoppages due to accidents and costly litigation.

Our Experts

We have licensed professional engineers and factory certified service technicians that can improve your business outcomes by reducing lifecycle costs of your mechanical equipment, increasing operating efficiency of your building and improving the indoor environmental quality for your people.

Work With The Best

Our service and field leadership are grounded in experience that comes from years of proven responsibility on a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. No matter the scope, our staff approaches its work with the same unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Our expertise is well-established; our respect is well-earned. Contact our team today to learn more about Tessiers and what we can do for you.