Midwest Fire & Safety

Midwest Fire & Safety

Midwest Fire & Safety provides fire and safety equipment and services to customers in the Midwest. Based in Mitchell, SD, Midwest Fire & Safety was founded in 1991 by Brandon Schilling. In 2021, Midwest Fire & Safety was acquired by Tessiers. We are proud to be able to expand Tessiers services to include fire suppression and extinguishers. With the backing of Tessiers, we are able to have large company resources while maintaining exceptional customer service and commitment to quality.

Fire Suppression, Extinguishers and First Aid Supplies

Midwest Fire & Safety provides installation and service for fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers and first aid cabinets. Our goal is to provide peace of mind for all your fire and safety needs. At Midwest Fire & Safety, we are certified in the design, installation, maintenance & recharge of Amerex Fire Suppression Systems. We provide fire protection equipment that complies with NFPA standards and local codes, reduces insurance expenses and protects your people and property. Our team can install and stock first aid kits and cabinets to prevent and treat injuries in the workplace. We service hospitals, restaurants, auto shops, manufacturing, farmers and other business operations.

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Midwest Fire & Safety

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P.O. Box 1200
218 East First Ave.
Mitchell, SD 57301-7200

Phone: 605-996-7548

Fax: 605-996-3131